The King of The Hill

The King of The Hill


Hill#4 February

A nasty steep start that flattens at a point and then kicks to a slightly easier ramp, but at this point you will, or should be hurting!  A great one to stick in a ride out with the club

Hill#3 January
Just off the turn for Team Valley – so pop in to mothercare and buy a dummy to pop back in, you can see by the Strava table, this one is been contested by some of the best in the NE!!

Hill#2 December

A nice short one for Christmas – short-ish but don’t be miss led , there’s some nasty little 10% kickers in it and when you go over the top – watch out for geese!

Hill #1  November
“A nice easy start, but that wont stop you from tasting blood and cursing that gear shift that doesn’t quite go in,  take care at the junction”


 The Rules

It’s a grand tour style race, but with the convenience of being able to ride whenever you like.   Each month a “Hill” will be announced as that months challenge.  Riders can ride it as often as they like, but at the end of the month only their fastest time will count.

As a stand alone achievement we will then have the King of that stage for that month.

All riders that ride in the first month will also enter the “General Classification” – just like Le Tour de France.  The riders best times will be added together and the person who completes the “Tour” in the least time wins.

There will be 4 months of racing, 4 sections and 4 hills.  Riders need to do all 4 for a GC spot – but anyone can have a crack at any of the hills in the corresponding month.

The 4 different stages have been selected from a conversation on Facebook – taking into account: Safety, length, hillyness and difference – some are steep, some are drags and some are a bit of both.  None are short power bursts, hence why they are mostly outside of Sunderland!

 How to Join in

I’m using  Strava segments to record the data – it’s easy to use, just set up a free account and search for the Named Segment – use your GPS phone, garmin etc  – cover the segment on your ride and upload your data.  Strava will automatically rank your segment time – I will do the rest.  Make sure you do the section and upload it a day before the last day of the month – just to give me time to collate.

Join our strava group  here  that way I can see your time

This activity is a Strava segment and does not differ in any way.  It is not a Sun City event.  Always watch out for traffic, follow the highway code, you are at your own risk.  Neither the club (suncitytri) or Mark Christie accept any liability for anyone’s safety with regard to the “King of the Hill”.

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