Bike Fitting




Most people will tell you that the most important thing in cycling is that your bike fits you.    When you were a kid you may well have jumped on your grifter paying no attention at all to the saddle height, and it was fine.  However,  that was when your body was young and not trying to win a race by ducking out of the wind!


By measuring you and watching you ride your bike on a turbo, Nev will find the best fit for your needs.  Years of experience in competition and around the cycling scene earn him the right to know your body better than your do!   Everyone seems to agree that this is the cheapest bike upgrade you can buy.

Once your fit is done, all your stats and analysis will be yours to keep – for when you get another bike.   You can contact Nev by the following:

(07939441067) or e mail ( )


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