Bike Sessions

It doesn’t matter which distance you choose from Sprint to Ironman, you’ll spend the majority of your race time on the bike. In fact, the longer the distance, the greater the proportion of the time you’ll be pedalling. For serial non-bikers there are Aquathlons, but for the rest of us biking represents a low impact way to build base fitness (and the easiest outlet four any gear-head tendencies). Your bike doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s vital it fits properly.   There is good advice on fitting on the internet, but there’s nothing better than a professional fit –  click here for details


Sunday Endurance Builder (off season)


These sessions are aerobic. They are progressive sessions building aerobic conditioning and muscular endurance. Ideal for all distances and as a base for half and full Ironman distances.
With a HR monitor and a speedo or power meter athletes will be shown how to measure their performance and observe improvements.
(just behind) The Grey Horse, Front Street, East Boldon. NE36 0SJ – cost  £4  open from 08:45  for a 09:00 start, sessions will last up to 2hrs.    Read the kit list below – same for both sessions

Turbo Tuesdays   –  (off season)

We will be spinning away the winter blues at the Crossfit Gym in Tavistock place  every Tuesday at 6:45pm.  A coached session for £3 will give you what you need to improve your speed with the least amount of hassle.  The very basic truth is that using a Turbo allows you to train and adapt your body to go faster,  without the worry of:  Where am I going,  it’s dark,  it’s wet, it’s windy, I’m scared,  I’m going to fall off, I’m alone.

A few things you will need  – Bike, turbo, towel, drink,  Cycle shorts / trisuit1

We do have a few spare trainers for people to try,  let us know first.

And a few things that will help get the most out of the session – Something to measure speed, even better if it also does cadence, heart rate etc too.  If it’s cold, layers –  overshoes!

We coach for all abilities – you are only trying to improve yourself – were all standing still so there is no leader!

The basic outline: 

Getting fit,  whether it’s about losing weight or getting “Cycle legs”  it takes time and it takes variation.  Lots of people use spin class,  and this is similar – however using your own bike, with Triathlon coaches will help get you specifically Triathlon fit!

The less basic outline:

The class will coach you through a good warm up and into various “Zones”  of effort and recovery  to develop raw power, muscular endurance and everything in between – ultimately to increase your speed over a period of time.

The “I’m starting to lose you” outline:

Draft legal races aside, we are in effect time trialing.  The key to becoming better is to increase functional threshold power (the power we can hold for 1 hour, measured in watts)  Some will be limited by the heart, some the legs – increasing the capacity and strength of both will equal a rise in the FTP.   Set up properly,  you can measure this without a power meter and we will show you how.

Thinking of buying one?  Some advice on Turbo Trainers

We do get our discount from here Cycle World 

We do recommend these as a few of us use them  JetBlack – shop around for best prices.

How to set up your Turbo for consistent results



Training loop Tuesdays

With no cars to worry about, this is the ideal time to practice skills and also get used to going fast.   There’s going to be something for everyone and the gains are huge.

The session will include a skills set and Time Trial conditions.   Rather than have questions before a race, or start trying to implement what you read, get down and practice it. “Power is nothing without control”. Drinking, feeding, collecting bottles, dead turns,  being able to group ride are just some of the things we will cover in the skills set.

The bulk of the session will be riding as fast as you can – its loops so don’t worry, you will not be dropped or lost.  Of course you can measure yourself against others or the clock while doing so.   The main advantage for less experienced / less confident riders is that you can desensitize yourself to speed in a controlled environment.  For some people, the barrier is in the head as opposed to the legs!

As with all of our sessions, they are attended by a group of differing abilities, personalities and aims – making it a fun and interesting group to train with.


The sessions are suitable for all members, including children and para triathletes.   You will need:
A roadworthy bicycle
A helmet
A drink
Clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions.

map for ttYou can park at Dalton Park and use the cycle paths, or there is limited parking as shown on the map


Time Trials

Unfortunately the club does not run its own time trial at the moment, but we are affiliated to CTT so club members can enter any time trials that CTT run.

We do meet up at times for a social group ride, and the 2 maps below provide good meeting points.  It is worth pointing out that these rides are not club events or officially coached.  That said, if your new to cycling you will no doubt pick up all sorts of knowledge on these rides.   We usually organise  this through our Facebook group – so the information is current.

Here are some bike routes in our BLOG


Seaburn Centre

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Herrington Country Park

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