Meet the Coaches n Crew

The Chairperson – Joanne Rose 

Joanne“It will be done”  pretty much sums up why she’s there.   More happy to carry the bags and shout everyone on than race herself, although she has raced and came last – so no excuses!

Event Organiser – Simon Reynolds

SimonHas a cycling background from the days of when gear levers were on frames and a compact was something women used on their face.   A GB age group athlete,  who gets all the ducks in a row for our 2 open races, which are becoming more successful each year.

Treasurer – David Purvis

DaveA former winner of athlete’s athlete of the year when he did 3 Iron distance races and a few halves in 1 season.  He looks after our money and liaises with providers to ensure members get the most for their membership.

Secretary  – Gillian Donaldson

GillWith a sound knowledge and experience of running sporting clubs, Gillian provides the committee with essential support, keeps the clock ticking and the cogs turning.  Its also Gillian’s role to process complaints alongside the chairperson.

Assistant Chairperson – Raymond Christie

rayNew to the group, Ray is full of motivation and good ideas to support Joanne with her duties.  Also an excellent athlete who will often see the rest of the club follow in behind him.




Assistant Secretary- Katie McCormack 

KateyGB age group athlete and another new addition to the group, Katie offers support and acts in the absence of the secretary






Webmaster / Communications – Mark Christie

mark cAnother GB age grouper,  Mark takes care of the website and Facebook page.  If there’s something you want covered or indeed just want at your fingertips – you only need to ask.





Membership Secretary   – Colin Hall

 ColinA great competitor and one to never chase in the 1st leg of a duathlon!  Colin will provide the club with a database of members and ensure everyone gets the additional benefits of being a member.







Regional Representative  – Melanie Haughan

MelA GB age grouper and frequently on the podium,  Mel will represent the club at regional BTF meetings and keep abreast of local issues.

Welfare Officer – Christopher Nicholas  


There to make sure we are all safe and happy,  you can raise any concerns you have about how the club or its members may be affecting an athletes welfare.

Junior Representative – Mya Christie

Mya“Regional Young Volunteer of the year” 2016  Mya has competed in Tristar 2,3 and youth.  She is the link between the children and the committee,  ensuring the young people have a voice that is heard and acted upon.

Social Event Organiser  – John Doyle
 Its not all Training, and every now and again we have socials, parties and presentations.   When it comes to providing a place to host such things – John is indeed a Legend!

Kit Manager  – Carol Stutchbury


Has competed in many triathlons including the bike leg of Iron Distance.  When it comes to keeping us all looking dapper,  Carol is our Kit Kat





General committee members 

Ken Haughan

Linda Woodhouse

Andrew McGregor

Sun City Coaching Team

  • Mark Christie Level 2 Tri
  • Steve Robertson: Level 2 Tri
  • Gordon Stutchbury: Level 2 Tri
  • David Purvis: Level 2 Tri
  • Simon Reynolds Level 2 Tri
  • Chris Redfern: Level 2 Tri
  • Anthony Parry: Level 1 Tri
  • Luke McCormack: Level 1 Tri
  • Lee James: Level 1 Tri
  • Maria Wilson: Level 1 Tri
  • Alistair Reid: Level 2 Tri
  • Colin Story:  Level 1 Tri


Lesley Battle
Vincent Cassidy
Colin Storey
Gillian Donaldson



Club meetings

The Sun City committee meet every other month in addition to the yearly AGM.   If your interested – ask where we will be and pop along.

The AGM’s are the formal meetings required by our constitution and we’ll arrange other more or less formal ones as required, if major events crop up and need discussing. The constitution also allows for calling Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) if required.

Don’t panic if this sounds a bit formal. The club’s actually really friendly and informal, but we need to make sure all the official boxes get ticked along the way! Any member can raise issues at any time, and there’ll usually be at least one committee member present at a training session. In that sense every training session is a club meeting so come along and get stuck in!
We’re lucky to have experienced and enthusiastic coaches in the club who can help you get the most out of your triathlon training. They can all provide you with general advice and tips and one or more will usually be present at the organised training sessions.


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