Its great looking at Olympic swimmers etc but its useful to see  what can be achieved in our coaching sessions, by our own athletes.   It’s also a bit of visual for when your thinking “What is the coach on about!”

The above video – is Lesley Battle,  her analysis showed many things to work on,  but also where her speed is coming from.   Her swim is her strongest discipline.   The body position is good, as is the posture,  but what really stands out is that early high elbow catch.    The hand is below the elbow very quick, allowing her to engage the larger muscles in the back.

This is Mark Goodings – who has a swimming background.  The usual fundamentals are all there – good body position etc.  What stands out here is the power in the whole of the stroke,  he gets hold of the water at the front, pulls then pushes all the way through – very effectively.

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