Park Run Competition

Here’s how it works – you get a point equal to your (SunCityTri) position for each race.   Eg if  3 members run in before you, you will score 4 points.

Anyone not taking part in a race will get points equal to the number of runners +2.   At the end of the six races the runner with the lowest score wins.

Wear some SunCityTri kit if your can.

If you want to be included in the league it will make Colin’s life a lot easier if you mark yourself as running for SunCityTri on your Parkrun profile. That way I can pick you out of the results table easily enough.  If you don’t,  make sure someone knows you ran!

All the locations, how to register etc can be found here – but we will keep you informed via the front page of this website in the Facebook page window.

December 10th – Sunderland Parkrun
December 31st – South Shields Parkrun
January 21st – Riverside Parkrun
February 4th – Durham Parkrun
February 18th – Newcastle Parkrun
March 25th – Gateshead Parkrun

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