Park Run Competition

The league!!!   see below for details 

January 20th – South Shields
#4  Shields kept their run on while others did not and parent of the Squires family, showed us where they get their fitness from, with a fine 1 off performance.  Noah was back to keep himself in the running and a big thanks to Coaches Lee and Nick who ran with him.

January 1st – Sunderland
#3 Not many turned out for this one, after cancelling Decembers, the race was on New Years Day!  It played into Lara’s hands who now goes joint top with Rachel.  Luke took another perfect point and gets a little closer to tasting the doughnut of glory!

November 25th – South Shields
#2  It was revenge of the girls today with Lara picking up the top spot on a frosty course.   Luke came from behind to pass Stephen n Mark, following a surprise start!!  Lee thought it was a mistake wearing shorts, so pulled his socks up to them!  great to see Mark Heads knee hold out after a long time away. Great stuff folks!! x


October 21st – Sunderland
1st one done!  with Ray coming in 1st on the day – a spesh performance from Noah and his big shorts,  Christie dipped the line to take a point from G-Man and Chris was in the shower way too long again.  Rachel ran with Dad and BF – Dad had decent kit on, Dan had Rachel’s tights on.  Well done all x
pkrun January 20th – Shields
February 10th – Sunderland
March 10th – Shields

Here’s how it works – you get a point equal to your (SunCityTri) position for each race.   Eg if  3 members run in before you, you will score 4 points.

Anyone not taking part in a race will get points equal to the number of runners +2.   At the end of the six races the runner with the lowest score wins.

Wear some SunCityTri kit if your can.

If you want to be included in the league it will make Mark’s life a lot easier if you mark yourself as running for SunCityTri on your Parkrun profile. That way I can pick you out of the results table easily enough.  If you don’t,  make sure someone knows you ran!

All the locations, how to register etc can be found here – but we will keep you informed via the front page of the website in the Facebook page window.

The end result will be your best 4 results from the 6 races and we will sort out prizes for female and male 1,2,3  – good luck x
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