National Relay Squad

 National Relay Competition
25th of August 2018 (Bank Holiday weekend)

After a really successful weekend in 2017 SunCityTri are going to continue to support the members and give them another opportunity to represent the club at National level at what is one of the most prestigious team events out there!

Us at last years event!!

SunCityTri are proud to announce that we will fund the entry  for 3 teams – 2 teams of 4 – a male and female team and a mixed team of the male and females to compete in the National Team relays at Nottingham.

Race info:

The Saturday is race day, this will continue as previous years, with the standard relay format. Each member of the team individually swimming 500metres, before tagging their team mate, and so on, and so on, until all four people have completed the swim. Moving onto the 15km bike, each athlete individually completes the 15km bike, until the last team member then tags the first team member to start the 5km run section.  The 5k continues in the same format until the last team member crosses the line.

On the morning both teams will compete in their gender category.
On the afternoon we will compete as 1 mixed team 2 male 2 female in each.  Those who did the fastest splits combined will compete in this team (or indeed those who are still up for it – its harder than it sounds!!)

There is no category for “Mixed or Open” ages, however I have called OSB and we do fit the criteria for Senior should our teams have mixed ages.

  • a senior team must all be not less than 15 on 31/12/2017

All information is here 

So how will it work?

The “must’s”
Athletes must be SunCityTri members before April 1st 2018.
Athletes must be able  to race on the day, 25th of August 2018.
Athletes must be age 15 on the 31/12/18 and have a valid BTF race licence.

Last year there were quite a few people who wished they had entered, but at the time thought “There are people way better than me”  – only to find that they could have made the team.  Yes there are a few superstars in the club but people get injured, people’s lives take over and some people may already have an A race at that time.  Anyway, those who didn’t make the team last year really enjoyed trying and boosted their performance by doing so.

Selection will be made by timing individuals over the race distances, both in individual disciplines and multi discipline trials. .  We do know that people already have heavy schedules and this will not be cumbersome.   A final fitness assessment will also be made; this can include looking at any recent results or training where timing is a part of the session.

 Trial dates will be announced soon.

The successful athletes will be announced approx. 8 weeks before the race  *depending on entry conditions

We are bringing together the existing skills and knowledge within the club – Mark Christie will take the lead on managing the teams, and the club will provide coaching and training plans for this sprint distance event.  We already have company,  Durham Tri are also entering a team and we have a male vet 50s team in too.

coach Christie!
Just take it easy Tom, Mark will sort out all the hats, chips n numbers!

Travel and accommodation arrangements will be made nearer the time. Last year we camped onsite and celebrated our achievements with loads of other people doing the same thing.

In the event that any children  qualify (need to be 15 by 31/12/2018), the team will ensure that the standards set by the BTF are met with regard to communicating with children. Mark Christie has enhanced DBS clearance and is licensed to work, travel and coach children.  He has also been through the process of how the race works and apparently “Has it down”  so no need to stress over logistics.

If you would like to express your interest, at this point just drop an email to  Or inbox Mark or Joanne Rose on Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you all!! There are no daft questions so ask away.

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