Track Tuesdays

Simple aim is to get faster – and you will!!

The program attacks the issue from both sides – specifically working at “anaerobic threshold”  in some sessions.   This enables the body to work at this uncomfortable level and shift the” threshold”   where you can move faster at it.

At the other side – To run faster,  you need to run faster.   Intervals will prepare the body to be able to physically cope with running at target speeds.

To help everyone run at the right pace for themselves, the science is done  and a chart is available that prescribes exactly what speed you should be doing.   A watch that shows PACE is a valuable tool, however a simple stopwatch will do.   If you know your recent 5k time – brilliant, you will get the most from the session.

There is a carpark at the side and rear of the school.   You keep walking down towards the field, over a little stream and onto the track – we will meet there.  You can see this on the map.

Monday – strength, conditioning and skills

We do have a regular coached session on a Monday 7pm (Currently indoor at Boldon Community Centre map below) – which focuses on building strength and good form, as well as injury prevention – great for all abilities and costs just £2.

Check the video for an example of what we do.  Kids welcome

Above is a video coaching session where the athletes were coached with regard to their form, after seeing themselves.  What we are pointing out are things like – sagging in the middle,  sticking out the bum and other inefficiencies   as well as possible causes of injury such as overstriding, foot planting and combinations of things.   Change is something people decide for themselves, and is difficult to do – after all we have been running for years!    It takes time as well as the right strength and conditioning.

The club members often organise social runs among themselves – here is a cracking example of hill running from Herrington Burn – There’s usually and uncoached session on a Friday night, organised on Facebook.

Running is generally the easiest part of triathlon training to fit around day to day life – you need less equipment for a start! As a result a lot of members fit in run sessions when they can and organise things informally often at the pool or via facebook. Come along and keep your ear to the ground. Of course, if you’re taking advantage of the club’s coaches to put together a training plan, you’ll know when you’re running beforehand!


See the members area for video and available downloads of the Resonant Running course we did over 6 weeks in the winter




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