The Master Plan

 What’s the plan?

We are delivering structured blocks of training over the year, this has been developed over the years to maximize the gains of coached swimming.  We want you to simply get what you pay for as there is always an option to swim alone.

Aerobic (Yellow)  without a good aerobic base you will never swim well at distances.   Given most triathlons are 750+  it important that the swim is well paced and efficient.    It does not mean “Easy” and aerobic swim for some in lane 6 could be 4k and still aerobic.

Threshold (Orange)  “Comfortably uncomfortable”  Quite sustained efforts at that  “I could just about hold it for a little longer” pace.   Being able to swim like this and hold good technique will increase speed over time.   Rest times and good pacing are essential to development.

Strength (Red)  – working at max effort for some of the session.  Increasing strength, flexibility and feel – as well as good fun, could be short races on the go!

Skills (Blue)  Again, does not mean easy!  getting the right technique is essential to move quickly in the water.   Simon can definitely beat the Tristars in an arm wrestle,  yet they will leave him in the water hmmm not all about muscles then?    Should the Skills session fall when your wanting to ramp it up, just step up a lane or 2.  Open water skills also play a big part in racing well.

Session Times

Potential members are welcome to come along,  first session is free and £4 / £4.50 there after.  We do then expect people to join after 4 weeks.


18:00 – 19:00 – Kids at Monkwearmouth school £2 coached

20:00 – 21:00 Aquatic centre,  6 lanes, split depending upon ability and attendance – coached.   £4 members – £5 none members


Monkwearmouth School

10-11  Kids – coached  £2

11 – 12  Adults,  some coached and other opportunities such as video analysis, long swim – depending on numbers.  £3 members – £4 none members *We will announce these sessions

Swimming Fees
Fees are payable per session as detailed.

  • Prospective Members – Your first swimming session is still free so come along and say hello! – do make sure you can swim 50m before attending your first session, as we are coaches – not teachers.  We do expect you to join the club after 4 sessions.

Swimming Equipment

Below is a list of of equipment that you will need to take full advantage of one of our pool sessions:

  • Swimming costume/ trunks
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Swim Cap
  • Nose clip/ ear plugs (these are optional)
  • Pull Buoy
  • Fins
  • Drink

Video Analysis
The club now have an underwater camera and monitor for video analysis of swim strokes. Seeing yourself swim for the first time can be a bit of a shock, but it has massive benefits for your swimming development! We’ll be running regular video sessions to help our members get the most out of their time in the pool- just speak to one of the coaches if you’re interested and be sure to smile if the camera’s at the pool…

Open Water Swimming
There are potential open water swim venues at Seaburn, Roker and Hetton Lyons Country Park during the spring/summer months. Swimming there can be a good way for novices to gain experience in open water, and for more experienced open water swimmers to practice race tactics, sighting etc. You can ask around at the pool or on the facebook group to see if anyone’s going in. In the summer months, during the day, there are lifeguards on duty at Seaburn and it’s best practice to swim with at least one other person in open water. NOTE: These ad-hoc open water sessions are not organised club sessions.

There is a coached open water session from May – September at Hetton Lyons Country Park on Wednesdays – meet at 6pm – in the water at 6:30pm  coaching and water safety is available – cost £4  (organised by Ryton Tri)

There will also be coached open water sea swimming  6 weeks before our Triathlon, see the “Training”  page


Aquatic Centre

Monkwearmouth pool

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Hetton Lyons Country Park

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