The Super Hero TT

21st of June “The Human Torch”


SunCityTri has always had a Time Trial competition of sorts,  The Purple Door ran for a few years – using strava sections.   It was convenient for riders to do it anytime they liked but not very social.   So here we are – bigger, better and a bit more official.   Same time, same conditions and hopefully a lot more fun.   No need for fancy watches or strava.

Whether you’re top level, training for a race or whether you just want a marker of how fast you can go – this is for you.  Using the closed road near Dalton Park there’s no traffic and doing laps means you won’t get lost or left behind.

How we roll:

At 6:45pm we will sign people in and give you your starting order.  If you are late you will not be able to join in.

The first rider will start at 7pm  and a rider every 30 seconds thereafter.

Riders will do 4 laps – roughly 14km or 8.7 miles – finishing at the same point they start. That way we can time you and keep it as safe as possible.

At the finish riders will tell the timing person their name,  riders who finish near each other need to do this in the order they finish to avoid mistakes.

We will look after each other – first aid will be on site and a safety brief will be given.

Like anything else – it will all be online for you to compare, share and see how you are doing

How we don’t roll

We don’t draft   – good race practice leave a gap of 7m  pass or face disqualification

We don’t warm up or cool down where we train.  You may warm up wherever you like, bring rollers, turbos or whatever – but not on the Road to Nowhere once people have started.

We will not abuse anyone,  there may be other road users who have as much right to be there as anyone else – we will try and let passers by know what’s happening to avoid any accidents.

Who’s invited?

All SunCityTri members and approved guests, who are competent riders – including kids who are accompanied by parents or carers.   The course is also suitable for para triathletes.

What’s the session?

Just to be clear, this is not coached – but it is a club session.  There’s not a lot to coach really but you will no doubt pick up tips and inspiration from others.  Its also a good session to try any new gear.   If you’re not sure this is for you – come along and watch first, the primary function is to have fun.

While we will risk assess all sessions and ensure it is as safe as it can be cycling can be dangerous and you are there at your own risk and responsible for yourself or your child.  Bikes need to be in good working order and helmets must be worn correctly.

When is it on?

Wednesday 31st of May,    21st June,  26th of July,  24th of August and 28th of September.  We will announce it on our website via our Facebook Page

How do I get there?   There is free parking at Dalton park and a cycle path running up the path  – however there is some work being carried out here so take care.  You can easily access the area on the many paths that lead there too.  Check Map

map for tt


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