The World Series 2015

TOP 3 Grand Prix Males
Paul Robson ‘Rocker’
Mark Head
Luke McCormack
TOP 3 Grand Prix Females
Dawn Elliott
Melanie Haughan
Heather Taylor
TOP3 Leveler Male
Tommy Beston
Alan Ridley
Thomas Brown
TOP3 Leveler Female
Dawn Elliot
Heather Taylor
Katie McCormack
nOOb Men
Dean Kemp
Keith Chenery
Jonny Howe
nOOb Female
Frauke Collins
Michelle Furness



A change for 2016 – The Highest score wins just to keep it simple –  your score will be worked out like this:   Your position,  divided by the amount of people in the race.  That number is subtracted from 100.
eg   I come 30th in SunCityTri  which had 126 people in it  =  30/126 = 24   – scores 76 points.

This way, every race counts*  no matter how big or where it is – if I know you did it – it counts.        Your BEST 5  results count.
The leveler is exactly the same apart from your average score from last year has been x5 and added – this levels the playing field,  the most improved athlete will win.
I don’t expect nOObs to race 5 races  – so simply your average score wins.

The Highest score wins the Grand Prix, Leveler or nOOb league, male and female,  and will be presented with a prize  at the end of season party.   I will allow 1 duathlon or aquathon  (your best result)    IM events score double – this keeps scoring consistent with other events.  *Charity, beginner or fun events do not count.  For your score to count – you must race for SUNCITYTRI.  Please ensure you do this when you enter races.

For those who races twice last year – here’s your starting scores for the Leveler

Name   Avg 2015   Starting Score for 2016
Paul Robson 0.03 0.15
Mark Head 0.07 0.36
Luke McCormack 0.10 0.52
Chris Peareth 0.15 0.73
Raymond Christie 0.17 0.83
James Ramshaw 0.20 0.98
Sam Johnson 0.20 1.00
Gordon Stutchbury 0.20 1.01
Simon Fawcett 0.21 1.04
Connor Prior 0.21 1.05
Kevin Kendal 0.25 1.25
Chris Redfern 0.26 1.32
Mark Christie 0.26 1.32
Simon Reynolds 0.27 1.36
Kenneth Wrightson 0.28 1.38
Andrew Hawthorne 0.28 1.38
Craig Nicholl 0.29 1.46
Stephen Wilburn 0.30 1.51
Thomas Brown 0.31 1.56
Graeme Weeks 0.32 1.59
Henning Saelzer 0.32 1.60
Tony Cooper 0.33 1.65
Bill Bowman 0.34 1.68
Leigh Proctor 0.35 1.75
Ken Haughan 0.35 1.76
Keith Chenery 0.36 1.79
Kevin Prior 0.37 1.83
Daniel Anderson 0.37 1.85
Dean Kemp 0.37 1.85
Darren Lough 0.38 1.88
Paul Foster 0.38 1.88
Russell Wilkes 0.38 1.88
Michael Gamblin 0.38 1.89
Michael Doyle 0.42 2.10
Craig Wrightson 0.42 2.12
Peter Roughead 0.43 2.15
Dawn Elliott 0.44 2.18
Paul Dunlop 0.45 2.23
John Doyle 0.46 2.28
Andrew McGregor 0.46 2.30
David Purvis 0.46 2.30
Thomas Beston 0.48 2.38
Katrina Robson 0.51 2.55
Jason Scott 0.54 2.72
Colin Hall 0.56 2.80
Andrew Bell 0.57 2.83
Peter Wilson 0.57 2.83
Lee James 0.59 2.95
Kevin McGowan 0.60 3.00
Michael Donnelly 0.60 3.00
Dave Norman 0.60 3.00
Alan Ridley 0.61 3.07
Catherine McKie 0.64 3.20
Mark Robinson 0.64 3.20
Melanie Haughan 0.64 3.22
Keith Maxwell 0.65 3.27
Darren Black 0.66 3.28
Lisa MacDonald 0.67 3.33
Kirstin McGowan 0.67 3.33
Lesley Battle 0.69 3.43
Toney Deighton 0.70 3.52
Heather Taylor 0.73 3.63
Claire Purvis 0.74 3.69
Chris Cummings N 0.74 3.70
Philipa Curtis 0.75 3.73
Stephen Beckinsale 0.77 3.85
Carol Stutchbury 0.77 3.87
Dale Wilkinson 0.80 4.00
Tracey Suddick 0.82 4.09
Brandon Whyman 0.83 4.16
Jo Petrie 0.84 4.19
Shaun Brown 0.85 4.23
Katie McCormack 0.85 4.27
LeeTaylor 0.89 4.45
Michelle Furness 0.94 4.68
Gillian Donaldson 0.98 4.92

Here’s where you will track where you are in the leagues

NameGrand PrixMarks LevelernOOb Raced
Alan Ridley2.75-0.951m10
Mark Head0.2501m9
Thomas Brown1-0.871m8
Luke McCormack0.39-0.341m8
Chris Redfern1.030.031m8
Thomas Beston2.16-2.211m7
Heather Taylor3.47-0.31f7
Gordon Stutchbury0.6-0.111m7
Connor Prior0.759991m7
Simon Reynolds1.15-0.811m6
Ken Haughan1.58-0.481m6
Paul Robson0.15-0.321m6
Mark Christie1.320.121m6
Melanie Haughan3.220.891f6
Jason Scott2.539991m6
Dawn Elliott2.06-0.911f5
Andrew McGregor2.3-0.351m5
Katie McCormack4.270.011f5
Claire Purvis3.950.151f5
Lesley Battle3.740.211f5
Kevin Prior1.830.261m5
Graeme Weeks2.270.271m5
Darren Black3.620.491m5
Michael Gamblin2.510.521m5
Lisa MacDonald3.661.391f5
Brandon Whyman4.339990.8325m5
Craig Nicholl2.179991m5
Chris Peareth0.739991m5
Keith Chenery2.439990.3575m5
Kevin Kendal1.259991m5
Michelle Furness4.749990.935f5
Tracey Suddick4.27-0.141f4
Colin Hall3.240.341m4
Simon Fawcett1.830.511m4
Stephen Wilburn2.210.791m4
Kevin McGowan3.40.851m4
Darren Lough2.50.961m4
Leigh Proctor3.051.391m4
David Purvis3.381.451m4
Katrina Robson3.531.661f4
Chris Cummings N4.229990.74m4
Jo Petrie4.359991m4
Carol Stutchbury4.320.341f3
Keith Ma999well3.960.571m3
Philipa Curtis4.240.571f3
Paul Foster3.130.581m3
Craig Wrightson3.270.711m3
John Doyle3.370.911m3
Sam Johnson3.40.941m3
Peter Wilson4.131.21m3
Andrew Hawthorne2.831.21m3
Catherine McKie4.281.41f3
Henning Saelzer2.911.531m3
Dale Wilkinson4.49991m3
Mark Robinson3.929991m3
Russell Wilkes3.139991m3
Shaun Brown4.549991m3
Toney Deighton4.119991m3
Gillian Donaldson4.9690.2691f2
Kirstin McGowan4.330.311m2
Michael Doyle3.841.261m2
Gordon Robson4.521.631m2
Andrew Bell4.131.891m2
Stephen Beckinsale4.541.941m2
James Ramshaw3.391.981m2
Tony Cooper3.662.271m2
Daniel Anderson3.742.451m2
Lee James4.182.811m2
Bill Bowman3.672.961m2
Kenneth Wrightson3.559991m2
Paul Dunlop3.899991m2
Raymond Christie3.339991m2
Michael Donnelly4.29991m2
Dave Norman4.29991m2
Sharon Smith4.530.641f1
Paul Bennet4.931.171m1
Natalie Connor4.941.191f1
Antony Johnson51.481m1
Judith Shotton4.811.871f1
Darren Mason4.61.921m1
Wayne Kemp4.252.031m1
Keaton Mackel4.352.721m1
Keith Elliott4.282.791m1
Dean Kemp4.239990.23m1
Frauke Collins4.869990.86f1
Louise Outterson4.939991f1
Peter Roughead4.439990.43m1
Roy Clack4.829991m1
Sean Coffey4.449991m1
Simon Hilton4.579990.57m1
Mike Donnelly4.619991m1
Geoff Seagrove4.49991m1
Adam Patterson4.739991m1
Jonathan Howe4.429990.42m1
Joanne Rose59991f0
Fay Wilson59991f0
Kate Malcom59991f0
Ewan Barclay59991m0
Maria Wilson59991f0
Ken Kyle59991m0
Duncan Mitchell59991m0
Estha Swaffield59991f0
David Ellis59991m0
Ian Brown59991m0
Alistair Reid59991m0
Jack Wilson59991m0
Claire Cook59991f0
Gary Hood59991m0
George Harden59991m0
David Vaughan59991m0
Michael Jordan59991m0
Michael Richardson59991m0
Vincent Cassidy59991m0
Nick Hughes59991m0
Owen Liddle59991m0
Christopher Scott59991m0
Mick Rennison59991m0
Daniel Case59991m0
Oliver Knowles59991m0
Michael Wright59991m0
Agata Robertson59991f0
Alison O'brien59991f0
Andrew Shotton59991m0
Andrew Watson59991m0
Anthony Parry59991m0
Brett Walker59991m0
Brian Tuck59991m0
Eric Blakie59991m0
Edryd Jones59991m0
Fred Smith59991m0
Heather MacIsaac59991f0
Jamie Collins59991m0
Ian Marshall59991m0
Jane Siddle59991m0
Janice Ellis59991f0
Jason Waite59991m0
Jessica Wortely59991f0
Joanne Mitchinson59991f0
John McCaig59991m0
John Ralph59991m0
Julian Donaldson59991m0
maggie James59991f0
Mark Goodings59991m0
Mick Rennison59991m0
Paul Richardson59991m0
Paula Hughes59991m0
Pedro Galano59991m0
Phil James59991m0
Phil Watson59991m0
Philip Lamb59991m0
Sharon Rogers59991f0
Sharmila Parks59991f0
Steve Robertson59991m0
Susan Barfield59991f0
Richard Tuck59991m0



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