The World Series 2016

The World Series 2016

A change for 2016 – The Highest score wins just to keep it simple –  your score will be worked out like this:   Your position,  divided by the amount of people in the race.  That number is subtracted from 100.
eg   I come 30th in SunCityTri  which had 126 people in it  =  30/126 = 24   – scores 76 points.

This way, every race counts*  no matter how big or where it is – if I know you did it – it counts.        Your BEST 5  results count.
The leveler is exactly the same apart from your average score from last year has been x5 and added – this levels the playing field,  the most improved athlete will win.
I don’t expect nOObs to race 5 races  – so simply your average score wins.

The Highest score wins the Grand Prix, Leveler or nOOb league, male and female,  and will be presented with a prize  at the end of season party.   I will allow 1 duathlon or aquathon  (your best result)    IM events score double (by halving the finishing position) – this keeps scoring consistent with other events.  *Charity, beginner or fun events do not count.  For your score to count – you must race for SUNCITYTRI.  Please ensure you do this when you enter races.


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