One of the best things about suncitytri club is all the training opportunities you’ll have to improve your skills. Even in an informal way, you’ll be gaining knowledge from the experienced club members to learn more about triathlon. Remember you’ve probably got skills you think are easy that you can pass on too!

Add to this some of the formal coaching sessions the club provides and you’ll be able to make huge progress with your techniques.  Our annual session plan is carefully structured by the coaches to stay fit and get the best performance at the right time.  How do we know this?  we try, test and tweak, gaining feedback from athletes and taking advice from experts.  Our coaching team are active in continual professional development.


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Swimming – our sessions are a balance of Technique, Aerobic,Threshold and Strength.    We do  open water sea swimming when it gets warmer and near to our Triathlon see here for a full explanation of sessions, locations, times and Junior specific sessions.  We also do video swim analysis for no more than the cost of a session.

Cycling –  we have the luxury of having Gordon Stutchbury as our head coach, who used to be a Cat1 cyclist (just under Pro/Elite) who looks after our training needs for planned sessions see here members to also meet up and ride socially or test themselves too.

Running – we do strength and conditioning work all year round and in the early season we do track running,  again these sessions are planned to make you more efficient, less likely to get injured and get faster.   A coach says that anyone who completes the track sessions will go faster for it – he’s yet to be proved wrong!  see all the details here


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