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Video Swim Analysis 

What you think you look like in the water and how you actually look are often very different.   Using the GoPro we will video your swim, both above and below the water to analyse your swim to see what is the main issue that holds back your pace and efficiency. Every swimmer has individual traits and that is why analysis is vital.   Look at this hierarchy chart – by using this you will get “the most bang for your buck”  in other words you will deal with the issue that is a) most appropriate to you and b) the largest factor in improving your swim.

So the sessions will be coached like this:

14th of October 11am-  at Monkwearmouth School

Safety brief and warm up

Swimming at your own pace (Coach will be videoing)

You will receive a full  analysis video  with the correctional program


Once you have your drills you can practice whenever and how often you like.

“My winter swim program starts with, drills, drills and more drills” (Mark Head – 2013)

“The best way for an intermediate to improve is to see what your actually doing” (Tom Whelan – 2017)

You will get a video of your swim, to download at full res,  as well as a critique from myself Mark Christie (L2 coach)  Here are examples of Dave Norman, the first is the video and the second is a video of me giving my critique so turn the sound on! – I also send the drills to correct what we have identified.

It is stating the obvious but you will be video recorded and therefore agree to the coach doing so, by signing up.

There is no additional cost – it is just the cost of the session.   Book on here – first come first served. –  25 places


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The whole  program will be based around the swimsmooth model in partnership with British Triathlon

This takes place out of season at…

Monkwearmouth pool

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