Winter Grand Prix


2014 –

To take part all you need to do is to register on the parkrun website ( ) – you will then get a bar code which will be used to register your time. Then on the day make sure you are wearing a Sun City t-shirt, vest headband, onesie, hoody  etc.

Make life easy – this is not an official race and I have to collate the results, please change your “Running club” to SunCityTri on the parkrun website otherwise, how would I know you ran?

The scoring is simple –  you accrue a point for every SunCityTri member, of the same gender, that crosses the line before you.  If you don’t race then its and extra 3 points – the least points wins.   This year the women and men will be entirely separate.  You can see how we roll below.

 Good Luck and here’s your race dates with links to all the info you need:

01.11.14  Shields 

6.12.14 Chester-le-st

10.01.15 Gibside

07.02.15 Durham

07.03.15 Sunderland





2013 Sunderland – The final

A great race and a great series ended today,  with Mark Head risking it a bit and deciding to pace others at sub 20  and Katrina needing to get round without too many going over first regardless of sex – the scene was set for excitement.   They did both hold out to the end and take the no1 spots they deserved.   The race for mens second was where the excitement was with Steve 1 point ahead of John – a race was on.   John did indeed lead it out fast and by his own admission, Steve fell to pieces giving away places to the 20 min pack!   Gordon put in a fine effort to thwart my own designs on 4th place – and a PB from David Purvis saw him leap frog Darren Lough.   Catherine just had to make sure she stayed 1 place behind Claire Rowell to take joint second, and she did just that.

Chris gave a lovely presentation that for some reason eluded the video (maybe I didnt hit the button – sorry)  but you should have been there anyway!!   The cakes were just as nice and now that the 5k pace is there……the season starts here!!!!!

Well done everyone


Sunderland Name League Standings Total
8th March
1 Paul Robson Mark Head 15
2 John Bailey John Bailey 18
3 Gordon Stutchbury Steve Wilburn 21
4 David Purvis Gordon Stutchbury 35
5 Mark Head Mark Christie 37
6 Steve Wilburn David Purvis 52
7 Mark Christie Darren Lough 58
8 Andrew McGregor Paul Robson 60
9 Chris Redfern Katrina Robson 67
10 Paul Foster Dan Anderson 69
11 Darren Lough Chris Redfern 69
12 Katrina Robson Simon Reynolds 72
13 Duncan Mitchell Catherine McKie 88
14 Claire Rowell   Claire Rowell 89
15 Catherine McKie   Rachael Ball 89
16 Vince Cassidy John Doyle 92
18 Tina Mitchell Paul Foster 106
21 Dan Anderson Duncan Mitchell 107
21 Simon Reynolds Graeme Weeks 108
21 John Doyle Lee James 111
21 Melanie Haughan Vince Cassidy 112
21 Rachael Ball Nick Hughes 113
21 Graeme Weeks Luke McCormack 113
21 Lee James Andrew McGregor 113
21 Nick Hughes Darren Mason 114
21 Luke McCormack Melanie Haughan 115
21 Darren Mason Paul Bennett 116
21 Paul Bennett Carol Stutchbury 119
21 Mark Hallett Mark Hallett 120
21 Carol Stutchbury Alistair Reid 120
21 Craig Nicholl Tina Mitchell 121
21 Robert William Rimington 3rd Craig Nicholl 122
21 Lisa MacDonald Robert William Rimington 3rd 123
21 Alistair Reid Lisa MacDonald 124

Newcastle – only for hardmen

February 15th and the conditions are awful,  XC style lakes cross the paths and only the hardiest (or stupidest) turn out for the penultimate race in the series.    The few no shows has opened the men’s places right out – its going to take a lot to beat Mark Head now but 2nd place is wide open and its a face off for 4th between Gordon and myself.   Im guessing here as the results are not out yet but I believe Katrina has now put it beyond reach for the other girls – but its going to go to the wire for 2nd!!!    When the results show – il put em up.

Stop Press:   Indeed – Gordon can only hope he gets a few people inbetween us at Sunderland.  Darren Lough has daylight between him n Simon for once and its a Cat fight for 3rd between err Cat n Claire.   No shows could through the dice again in the next one but I reckon it will be a good turn out.

Name Newcastle Name Total
Feb 15th League Standings
Mark Head 10
Mark Head 1 Steve Wilburn 15
Dan Anderson 15 John Bailey 16
Gordon Stutchbury 15 Mark Christie 30
Steve Wilburn 2 Gordon Stutchbury 32
John Bailey 3 Darren Lough 47
Mark Christie 5 Dan Anderson 48
David Purvis 4 David Purvis 48
Chris Redfern 15 Simon Reynolds 51
Darren Lough 6 Katrina Robson 55
Katrina Robson 7 Paul Robson 59
Simon Reynolds 10 Chris Redfern 60
John Doyle 8 Rachael Ball 68
Catherine McKie 11 John Doyle 71
Claire Rowell 9 Catherine McKie 73
Melanie Haughan 15 Claire Rowell 75
Vince Cassidy 15 Graeme Weeks 87
Rachael Ball 15 Lee James 90
Paul Robson 15 Nick Hughes 92
Graeme Weeks 15 Luke McCormack 92
Lee James 15 Darren Mason 93
Nick Hughes 15 Melanie Haughan 94
Luke McCormack 15 Duncan Mitchell 94
Darren Mason 15 Paul Bennett 95
Duncan Mitchell 15 Vince Cassidy 96
Paul Bennett 15 Paul Foster 96
Mark Hallett 15 Carol Stutchbury 98
Carol Stutchbury 15 Mark Hallett 99
Craig Nicholl 15 Alistair Reid 99
Robert William Rimington 3rd 15 Craig Nicholl 101
Tina Mitchell 15 Robert William Rimington 3rd 102
Lisa MacDonald 15 Tina Mitchell 103
Paul Foster 15 Lisa MacDonald 103
Alistair Reid 15

Now anyone who knows Shields will be able to follow this:  There’s little movement at the top, just like hacky Jackie,   its not  until you get a little further down to the Kismet bar to really see the wobble.  With a now show from Dan, I have gone top 5 and as long as I can keep less than 4 people between us in both races I will stay ahead of the runner.  Just like the ferry tavern – its hot action with the girls Rachelle Ball  needs to place 5 people between herself and Katrina and Katrina needs to keep em out — ohh the tactics!!   As fast as she might be, Bally needs people to show up!!       Further down its a battle of the Brunnie – strongmen Simon and Darren will battle it out will less than a fag paper between em.  Who will stay, who will go, who will turn up and will be no show!!???

Sorry if the references to Shields causes offense but if you get the jokes, you obviously went to those bars – let have a big hand for…saphire (and what could only be described as an elephants ear)

Name South Shields Name Total
Jan 11th League Standings
Paul Robson 1 Mark Head 9
Mark Head 2 Steve Wilburn 13
John Bailey 3 John Bailey 13
Steve Wilburn 4 Gordon Stutchbury 17
Gordon Stutchbury 5 Mark Christie 25
Mark Christie 6 Dan Anderson 33
David Purvis 7 Darren Lough 41
Simon Reynolds 8 Simon Reynolds 41
Darren Lough 9 David Purvis 44
Paul Foster 10 Paul Robson 44
Katrina Robson 11 Chris Redfern 45
Rachael Ball 12 Katrina Robson 48
Alistair Reid 13 Rachael Ball 53
John Doyle 14 Catherine McKie 62
Claire Rowell 15 John Doyle 63
Catherine McKie 16 Claire Rowell 66
Carol Stutchbury 17 Graeme Weeks 72
Dan Anderson 20 Lee James 75
Chris Redfern 20 Nick Hughes 77
Melanie Haughan 20 Luke McCormack 77
Vince Cassidy 20 Darren Mason 78
Graeme Weeks 20 Melanie Haughan 79
Lee James 20 Duncan Mitchell 79
Nick Hughes 20 Paul Bennett 80
Luke McCormack 20 Vince Cassidy 81
Darren Mason 20 Paul Foster 81
Duncan Mitchell 20 Carol Stutchbury 83
Paul Bennett 20 Mark Hallett 84
Mark Hallett 20 Alistair Reid 84
Craig Nicholl 20 Craig Nicholl 86
Robert William Rimington 3rd 20 Robert William Rimington 3rd 87
Tina Mitchell 20   Tina Mitchell 88
Lisa MacDonald 20   Lisa MacDonald 88






Balls dropped!

Race 3 and a no show from Rachel Ball has let consistent Katrina, rise to the top of the girls league.   Mark Head just made it to the race, much to the disappointment of Steven Wilburn who dropped from the top spot after Mark’s win.    Big shout to a big man – he may not “Know anything about bikes”  but Dan Anderson has shown the club he does his racing on race day and for the second time this season he has blasted out an impressive time – coming in second, and within 40 seconds of Heed.   There’s going to be good things from Dan this season, I can feel it.    It was a poor run for me (Mark Christie) but David Purvis did me a big favor – storming the undulations to finish between me and Chris, which gave me some breathing space from my rival and friend.      Speaking of rivalries, Darren Lough outran Simon Reynolds to move above him in the table.   Catherine made her achilles last long enough to finish and not pick up points – as did Vince Cassidy – to move up the table regardless of what he says on the video!


Name Gateshead Name Total
Dec 14th League Standings
Mark Head 1 Mark Head 7
Dan Anderson 2 Steve Wilburn 9
Gordon Stutchbury 3 John Bailey 10
Steve Wilburn 4 Gordon Stutchbury 12
John Bailey 5 Dan Anderson 13
Mark Christie 6 Mark Christie 19
David Purvis 7 Chris Redfern 25
Chris Redfern 8 Darren Lough 32
Darren Lough 9 Simon Reynolds 33
Katrina Robson 10 David Purvis 37
Simon Reynolds 11 Katrina Robson 37
John Doyle 12 Rachael Ball 41
Catherine McKie 13 Paul Robson 43
Claire Rowell 14 Catherine McKie 46
Melanie Haughan 15 John Doyle 49
Vince Cassidy 16 Claire Rowell 51
Rachael Ball 20 Graeme Weeks 52
Paul Robson 20 Lee James 55
Graeme Weeks 20 Nick Hughes 57
Lee James 20 Luke McCormack 57
Nick Hughes 20 Darren Mason 58
Luke McCormack 20 Melanie Haughan 59
Darren Mason 20 Duncan Mitchell 59
Duncan Mitchell 20 Paul Bennett 60
Paul Bennett 20 Vince Cassidy 61
Mark Hallett 20 Mark Hallett 64
Carol Stutchbury 20 Carol Stutchbury 66
Craig Nicholl 20 Craig Nicholl 66
Robert William Rimington 3rd 20 Robert William Rimington 3rd 67
Tina Mitchell 20 Tina Mitchell 68  
Lisa MacDonald 20   Lisa MacDonald 68





 Provisional Results are in for Chester -le-st

– and its a game changer!  those people who didn’t show, got their penalties and the total points has the table in a sun city switcharoo.     The mop is top – Steve Wilburn can only thank Microsoft Excel for why he has placed higher than John Bailey!  Mark Head is creeping up with a decent performance today and Dan Anderson leaps into the top Five, with a pace higher than his IQ – being sober this week!

Rachel Ball said she would struggle, but she still held on to be first female back and has kept her No1 spot for another week.

Well done everyone xx

Name Chester le st Name Total
Nov 30th
Steve Wilburn 3 Steve Wilburn 5
John Bailey 2 John Bailey 5
Mark Head 1 Mark Head 6
Gordon Stutchbury 5 Gordon Stutchbury 9
Dan Anderson 4 Dan Anderson 11
Mark Christie 7 Mark Christie 13
Chris Redfern 9 Chris Redfern 17
Rachael Ball 12 Rachael Ball 21
Simon Reynolds 11 Simon Reynolds 22
Paul Robson 22 Paul Robson 23
Darren Lough 10 Darren Lough 23
Katrina Robson 13 Katrina Robson 27
David Purvis 18 David Purvis 30
Graeme Weeks 22 Graeme Weeks 32
Catherine McKie 14 Catherine McKie 33
Lee James 6 Lee James 35
Nick Hughes 22 Nick Hughes 37
John Doyle 17 John Doyle 37
Claire Rowell 16 Claire Rowell 37
Luke McCormack 8 Luke McCormack 37
Darren Mason 22 Darren Mason 38
Duncan Mitchell 22 Duncan Mitchell 39
Paul Bennett 22 Paul Bennett 40
Mark Hallett 22 Mark Hallett 44
Melanie Haughan 15 Melanie Haughan 44
Vince Cassidy 22 Vince Cassidy 45
Carol Stutchbury 22 Carol Stutchbury 46
Craig Nicholl 17 Craig Nicholl 46
Robert William Rimington 3rd 22 Robert William Rimington 3rd 47
Tina Mitchell 22 Tina Mitchell 48
Lisa MacDonald 19 Lisa MacDonald 48



Name Sunderland
Nov 2nd
Paul Robson 1
Steve Wilburn 2
John Bailey 3
Gordon Stutchbury 4
Mark Head 5
Mark Christie 6
Dan Anderson 7
Chris Redfern 8
Rachael Ball 9
Graeme Weeks 10
Simon Reynolds 11
David Purvis 12
Darren Lough 13
Katrina Robson 14
Nick Hughes 15
Darren Mason 16
Duncan Mitchell 17
Paul Bennett 18
Catherine McKie 19
John Doyle 20
Claire Rowell 21
Mark Hallett 22
Vince Cassidy 23
Carol Stutchbury 24
Robert William Rimington 3rd 25
Tina Mitchell 26

Totals are the same as first race so far x


Were off to a great start and only the Parkrun results will show how we did as individuals and as a club.    At a guess id say there were 25 of us, some I knew and some I just met.   New member Rachael Ball was right in her stride and is sure to be a contender for the ladies race.   Rocker, John Bailey, Gordon and Steve Wilburn seemed to be waiting for me at the end, and a lot of people just followed me in – so it looks like its going to be tight in the middle!  Will Gordon’s Masterclass on Monday 6:30pm at Seaburn Center, make anyone faster?  you will only know if you tri!

Sunderland – 2nd Nov


Up next…..
Gateshead 14th dec
South Shields 11th Jan
Newcastle 15th February
Sunderland 8th March


Here’s how it all works:

Using the park run as a venue will minimise the amount of resources we need as the park run has its own timing system and there is no entry fee. Therefore just a little time from a volunteer to maintain the league table and points total.

To take part in the Winter Grand Prix Series you will need to register with Park Run (its free) and ensure that you bring along your barcode to each race.

The Winter Grand Prix will be a points based series; prizes will be allocated to 1st 2nd and third male and female. First to finish each race will be allocated 1 point 2nd place will be 2 points and this will continue until the last sun city competitor finishes.

For example if 10 male Sun City members entered the first race the 1st back would be allocated 1 point and the 10 would be allocated 10 points. Now if you were to miss a race you would be awarded 1 point for every Sun City member to have taken part plus 3 points bringing you a total of 13 points. This will encourage members to take part in as many of the races in the series as possible otherwise you are penalised. The winner of the series may not be the fastest runner they will need to be the most consistent. It’s all about taking part

See table below for an example after 2 races in the series the lowest score is the leader in this instance its Anthony as he was first back in both races giving him a point for each race. You can see that by missing a race that you gain the most points (an additional 3 points) and therefore the more races you take part the higher up the table you will be.





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